Moving the cup holders to the top of the dash also seems like

The docks at Boulogne, Calais, Le Havre and Rouen were vital to the BEF logistical system, which became increasingly vast and sophisticated as the war developed. Wedgwood brought the most up to date logistical techniques to bear, making possible not only the rapid deployment of men and equipment but also the most effective use of shipping. The latter was of major importance during the second half of the war when German U boats began to sink Allied vessels at a worrying rate..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping While Caravelle has fully enclosed storage, the van has an open A4 sized tray on top of the dash and two open storage bins below the passenger airbag.Unfortunately, the dash top A4 tray could do with being at least covered if not closeable, as paperwork reflects in the windscreen. Likewise the storage cubbies could lose some of their load when cornering. Moving the cup holders to the top of the dash also seems like a good idea, but they are not very deep or large, so will probably only be of use when parked.Other than that, the Transporter has the usual granite like built quality that we have come to expect from VW. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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