Examples of marketing plans

Most small business owners do not have marketing plans. This means that marketing tends to be inconsistent, ineffective and inefficient.

Some service professionals have marketing plans for your business, but not to actually implement. This is really not much better than no plan.

The secret of constantly marketing their services and products is to have what I call a "Plan of Action Marketing". A plan saves time and money, brings more potential customers and clients, it helps you keep customers, and helps run a successful and profitable business.

As soon as someone mentions anything with the word "plan" on it, entrepreneurs often cringe and run for the hills. The marketing action plans do not have to be laborious and painstaking. In fact, if it's too complicated, none of us will follow.

Creating a marketing action plan and putting it into daily practice requires a little thought, time and commitment. However, it must not be the daunting task many business owners fear.

I firmly believe that the way to deal with anything that seems too big and unwieldy is to break it into smaller steps or chunks. The same applies to an action plan marketing – split in the action plans of individual mini marketing.

Marketing covers various areas and corresponding activities – each of which can have a mini marketing plan built around it. Examples of areas are: Advertising, public speaking, publishing articles, references, joint venture, direct mail, promotional, advertising, worldwide web (website, newsletter, blog), automated email communication , networking, social media, and so on.

Each of these areas of marketing can be considered as a mini plan – with steps and action-oriented activities for you to follow.

Here is a quick and easy to create your marketing action plan process, completing several mini plans:

1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of

2. Type "Marketing Areas" in the left

3. Type "Action Steps" in the right side

4. List of areas of marketing you need to focus on down left column – leaving a few lines between each column 5.

The right write your overall goal for each category

6. List of each action step needed to achieve your marketing goals

7. Sale dates against each action step 8.

Transfer these dates in your Outlook, PDA or

Wall calendar 9. Put the marketing action plan completed somewhere visible and DO IT.

To give you a better idea, below it is an example of an action plan for mini marketing:

Marketing Category: Advertising

Objective: To send a monthly press release


* identify services online press

* identify online and offline publications / newspapers that appeal to my target group

* find the necessary contact information publications

* find newsworthy stories or business events (product or service launch, new location, special events, etc. .) and write a press release

* submit one press release every month using online and offline avenues

* Keep track of whether your press releases running

Marketing Category: Networking

Goal: Attend a weekly event

Networks Measures:

* choose a couple groups or associations that appeal to your target market *

Look at ways you can be part of these networking groups: Volunteers on board, host meetings, helping with news , attend monthly breakfast meetings, etc.

* identify key contacts in each group and develop strong connections with them

* send at least a thank you card to someone who meets each meeting / event

* Programming time in your schedule after each networking event to do no follow-up phone calls, send materials and put contact details in your database perspective (or get your virtual assistant do it)

The next steps would be to assign end dates for each step of marketing action and transfer these in any system that is used to keep track of your lists and daily / weekly activities.

Start with about 4-6 mini marketing action plans and once you have it up and running smoothly, then start adding additional marketing activities one at a time. Or you can do each mini broader plan by adding additional objectives.

For example, your mini marketing plan on the worldwide web could consist of several objectives such as: # 2 blog posts each week, create and build a subscription list of an electronic online publication, add 4 new items its web site every month, and so on.

Remember, the idea is to make your marketing consistent and easy – so be sure to keep the number of mini plans manageable and be sure to take a decision on the measures identified. This is the only way that you'll continue to receive new and old customers on an ongoing basis and ensure the success and sales.