What is a marketing business

There has never been more business opportunities in network marketing available, exist today. I just did a Google search for network marketing business opportunities and here is what I found on page one in the paid search column down the right side.

Right at the top is a blog and their first post is promoting a food product. This is not surprising as nutritional supplements and vitamins are big business in the MLM industry. Due to the low cost of production and distribution that can be marked at a high enough level benefit for many layers of commission to be paid.

Next we see a company that offers a product called resurface permacrete. A little more include real estate, the program self improvement, portable storage, mlm training programs, domain names, health and wellness, telecommunications and much more. I could write all day listing all the products that are now sold through the business model of selling. Why is that?

The main reason is the low operating cost to build a sales force. Allowing a person to become a distributor to sell a product is much cheaper than the creation of a regional office, warehouse, employees, sales force, etc. Products sold through network marketing require no overhead at all.

If you look at it from the point of view of the distributor starting a network marketing business makes a lot of sense as well. If you have an interest in a certain niche chances are you can find a product that is sold through MLM already. It can quickly become a reseller and is provided with marketing materials, including your own website in minutes and sales. You can start making sales today if desired. Recruit some solid sales people and you can get paid on their sales as well.

Depending on the compensation plan you literally could build a sales organization of thousands of people worldwide and make a 6 figure income or more every month. Finding the right business opportunity network marketing could be a life changing event for you.

The disadvantage is that the MLM industry has a high failure rate. There are people who get excited about the opportunity, but never follow through with it. To overcome this, it is to your benefit to personally recruit a handful of people who are as sharp as you and possess the necessary to sell and recruit their own organization skills. In fact, it only takes a few good people to start what could be a very big deal if you can find the right people to begin with.

So I encourage you to research the many business opportunities network marketing available today. You can only find the right one for you.