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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the means to an end. It should only be a part of your overall marketing strategy Internet. It is a fundamental part of its strategy and is considered the baseline.

High search engine ranks and listings can brand your website and drive a high degree of awareness of your site. When search engine listings are within the first three, consumers are able to recall those sites at least 50% of the time. Banner ads and titles are mostly ignored and avoided like the plague.
In the years before the Internet explosion, businesses had to identify a market and craft their messages in such a way as to target markets. They used mass medium to deliver these messages, hoping that the right person will read and buy.
Now things have changed. People are searching the Internet for products, goods and services. They are actively pursuing these online.
When keywords are written that are relevant to your business, then these people are sent to your website. These are highly qualified leads, with high conversion and response rate.
Now the next step is to offer valuable web content. There is a saying, "content is king" and this is very true. People go to a website for content. Your site has to be usable and must excite the user. You have to be able to balance usability and visibility of your website.

You could have a great site with good content, but care must be taken to ensure that they could find. Or you could be number one in all search engines, but when people get to your site, there is nothing useful on your site. Having
useful web content and being visible go hand in hand. Using SEO as part of yoru overall brand strategy and internet marketing will place you in the higher rankings of your industry.