Sample Of A Marketing Plan

Have you developed your book’s promotion plan yet? You know now really is better than later. There are 2 facts to realize in developing your promotion plan. Realize it begins the day you conceive your book idea and never ends. XXBR2 The other is the more you write the better you become at it. You need to begin building name recognition in your field. In other words, you want to begin developing your public image. XXBR1 XXBR1 No I’m not suggesting you become a politician but I am saying you must get involved in your book’s promotion. After all, you are the one that cares the most for your project. Many authors and especially small business owners or authors dread book promotion like a plague. XXBR2 They say, “With all that I already do, I jumped the hurdle of writing and completing my book, now I have to promote it as well.” XXBR2 Look at it this way; you have more to gain than anyone in the success of your book. Therefore, your book marketing plan should include: XXBR2 Media. Magazines, newsletters and newspapers which you can submit to for free. It’s o.k. to get paid, if you must but you are most importantly after the exposure. XXBR2 Community groups. Expand your public image in your field. Offer your expertise to community group. Give your book maximum exposure; offer to speak for free. Unless, your creditability is already established. XXBR2 Associations. Explore your field’s associations. Many sponsor conventions and trade shows where you can speak or serve on a panel. XXBR2 Develop a list of contacts. Offer them your free articles that combine your knowledge and focuses on their organization’s needs. XXBR2 Develop your website. If you don’t have one that focuses on your book or you as an individual, create one. Your website is now one of the first places agents, publishers and clients will look to find out more about you. The better quality it is, the more it will pre-sell your book proposal or your book itself. XXBR2 First impressions are important. Make your website a good one that accurately reflects you as an individual. During the planning stage of your book don’t forget to include the passion points designed to sell your book. XXBR2 One of those passion points is to identify and contact the influencers in your field. As early as possible, send them your book’s table of contents and two sample chapters. The two sample chapters and table of contents help prove your commitment and intention to complete your book project. XXBR2 Make it your biggest goal to have a name or trusted authority in your field endorse your book by either providing a brief quote or testimonial for the front or back cover. XXBR2 One good way of approaching an established authority is to interview them. This establishes at least a dialog with them. In the process of interviewing, at the opportune moment you can ask for a quote or even an overview-introduction for your book project. XXBR2 Some might ask for a symbolic honorarium but most will be pleased to write a brief overview or testimonial for your book project because it further promotes them in their endeavors. XXBR2 Beyond quotes, your book marketing plan should include a list of review copies of your book for possible mention, review in their publication or website. XXBR2 The publishing world and our society have changed. Writing and publishing your book can still change your life. But now a book is not the be-all and end-all, it is simply a tool that allows you to become a more successful business person, taking the profitable road to success and destiny. XXBR2