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They slow down your proxy site and make it look tacky, also the top sites are benefiting much more than you are in most cases. XXBR2 I am however all for proxy submission websites these websites allow you to add your proxy URL for free but mostly give you the choice to provide a paid proxy link. These websites mostly offer great traffic or at least good enough traffic for the 2 minute free submission that was little effort, so look out for these forms of proxy sites. XXBR2 Search engine submission and SEO XXBR2 Search engine optimisation is my first and most important form of creating traffic to any of my websites, you could say I am addicted to SEO. However the results are always great, the only problem with SEO is that it is a long term strategy which takes time and patience. SEO is not something that you can apply and see results from straight away, it takes months. XXBR2 Yahoo XXBR2 Yahoo has two different forms of advertising which I love, Yahoo groups and Yahoo answers both in the past have offered me large amounts of traffic for free with little to no effort. XXBR2 Yahoo answers XXBR2 The idea here is that you answer as many relevant questions regarding proxy sites as you can, leaving your proxy site URL in the answer they then click on the URL and so do many others, pretty simple. XXBR2 Yahoo Groups XXBR2 You find relevant proxy groups and promote your proxy site through creating a thread when you have joined and asking people to go on to your proxy site. Again that’s quite a simple one. XXBR2 Social networking websites XXBR2 Sites such as MySpace or facebook, tell your friends about your website your proxy site is in high demand and most people use them so tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know, viral marketing is great. XXBR2 Instant Messenger XXBR2 The last one is fairly obvious but use your email addresses that you have to friends, relatives and enemies and email them with your proxy site in the email. Don’t go emailing them thousands of times just the once will do, you may receive a couple of hits through this technique if your lucky viral marketing will again take effect. XXBR1 XXBR1 If your in need of some quality, eye catching and practical glype proxy templates then you have come to the right place. Glype themes have always been bland and boring, with little or no advertisement placement options and never have they had other options built in. Well now you have found the best glype themes currently on the market and they are free to download and use on your proxy sites whenever you want. XXBR2 Glype is a form of proxy template and script which is used for proxy sites to bypass filters and security blocks set up by network administrators in both schools and work places. Glype offers a very secure process to bypass these filters and network blocks helping to increase the amount of times you can bypass the filters they are not very resource heavy therefore will not put too much pressure on your servers resources. XXBR2 They are ideal for anyone just starting out in the proxy business and with these glype proxy site themes and templates you are sure to be making money soon enough. XXBR2