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One of the great ideas to use long tail keywords is that the usage is effective. Each search term includes several related search terms, which all reach different niches and bring traffic for your affiliate online business marketing. XXBR2 Another great idea is that long tail keywords are part of SEO marketing, which brings organic, not paid, traffic to your affiliate online business marketing. The conversion rates are thus much higher. XXBR2 1. So the key is to find the right keywords. In this job thinking is your main job. Try to think like a searcher thinks, when he prepares to type his search term into Google search bar. If he types a long tail one, it means that he knows in more detail, what he is looking for. XXBR2 The result of the thinking process is to guarantee, that the long tail keywords are related, i.e. they illustrates what you are selling on your website. This makes the traffic of your affiliate online business marketing to convert well. XXBR2 You can create as many multi word search terms as you can and then submit each of them into your keyword tool to see the number of daily searches. Good affiliate online business marketing keywords are long tail ones with three or more words inside, which all are related to the idea of your site. You need probably 10 search term for one campaign. XXBR2 2.. On the next step you should research whether the search term is profitable, i,e., that it has searchers but moderate competition. Here is how you check it. Type the candidate keyword into Google with quotation marks. If it has less than 10.000 search terms as a result, plus paid ads on the right side, then this keyword is profitable one. XXBR2 3. Then, if you have AdSense ads on your site, you can also check that the keywords are well paid by Google. This you can simply do by going into Google AdWords and checking from the traffic estimate tool, how much they pay for ads using your keyword. The accepted price depends on the theme of your keyword but also on your keyword selection. You make the decision. XXBR2 It is wise to keep the list of your long tail keywords and to expand your thinking into new areas, because all this means more effective affiliate online business marketing to you. If you have used internet word, change it into online word and you have a lot of new chances. You can also use plural XXBR1 instead of singular and thus reach again new niche markets. XXBR2 When you persistantly go on using long tail keywords for your affiliate online business marketing during a long period of time, they all work day and night bringing nice amount of traffic to your site. This is a real residual and powerful marketing. The best you can get! XXBR2