Degree In Marketing Management

In order to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical field you must have a college degree, whether it is a two yr or a four yr degree. Most major pharmaceutical companies require that you have a four yr degree, but the smaller companies may allow you to have sales experience in addition to a two yr degree. The best types of degrees that are looked at highly are the science and biology degrees. Several sales reps have degrees from different specialties such as communication, psychology, marketing and accounting. XXBR2 The main skills that are needed to become a pharmaceutical marketing representative are: communication, good listening skills, negotiations kills, and representation. You should also be a good team player, possess organizational skills, and management skills. Your GPA should be at a minimum of 3.0. You should possess a positive attitude, be a strong motivator, possess an entrepreneurial attitude and be very determined. XXBR2 A pharmaceutical sales rep job consist of educating physicians about several kinds of drugs, administering sample drug products and monitoring a physicians prescription of certain medications. A Sales rep tends to have clients based on their specialties, for example heart medications would be marketed to a cardiologist. Several pharmaceutical reps work out of their home and others work in the pharmaceutical companies. These sales reps spend most of their time driving around from doctor’s office to doctor’s office. The earning likely for pharmaceutical sales reps is very high. There are also many positions to get promoted to in this field. The positions available are District or Regional manager, Senior Director, Director of sales, and maybe even Vice President. XXBR2 The competition now for a pharmaceutical marketing job is beautiful steep so the need to position your resume unique is recommended. The best way to stand out is to have a degree in the medical field, science or biology. Have years of sales experience and to have great communication skills along with great leadership skills. It is necessary to be a smart entrepreneur because you will be on your own most of the time. Also in today’s society it pays to have some type of in-house connection that will set you apart from the many other applicants. You can have a great career as a pharmaceutical sales rep whether it is with a small company or with a large one. The experience and the degree that you have in your chosen field will go along way if you have the best personality. XXBR2 There are many schools out there were you can get a degree in marketing or any of the medical professions. There are even schools that specialize in two yr degrees in pharmaceutical marketing. Whatever you decide to get a degree in diversify yourself. Utilize every skill you have and always keep up to date on the current medications that are on the market today. A knowledgeable rep is a stable rep; there is always the need for educating yourself. The pharmaceutical business is not on a severe down slope like so many other fields, therefore a career in this field is still on the rise. XXBR2