What Is The Definition Of Marketing Mix

Public affairs’ aim is to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find a common ground with the stakeholders. XXBR2 Public affairs professionals engage stakeholders in order to explain the organization’s policies, provide statistical and factual information and to lobby on issues which could impact upon the organization’s capability to operate successfully. Their work comprises of government relations, media communications and strategic communications advice. XXBR2 Public affairs professionals work either for a company, as a corporate advisor, for a political consultancy, for a trade association or union or for a government agency. XXBR2 Public affairs professionals specialize in media relations, campaign management and the traditional PR-related activities. XXBR2 The features of Public Affairs include: XXBR2 Lobbying: XXBR2 PA Professionals influence government bodies, as well as elected people on legislature proposals and political issues. They devise strategies on whoever to lobby, on what issues and advise on the stage in the legislative process to get involved. XXBR2 Monitoring: XXBR2 Since any public affairs assignment is based on the current happenings around the world, so monitoring is an essential part of PA. Especially statements and press releases from Parliament, political parties, committees are monitored on a regular basis. XXBR2 Media management: XXBR2 Although it’s a traditional PR activity but PA professionals do it with a political focus. These activities include writing press releases, copy writing, producing annual reports and managing their clients’ relationships with media. XXBR2 Organizing and attending events: XXBR2 PA Professionals may organize social and cultural events in order to provide opportunities to network with the dignitaries. XXBR2 Providing information to stakeholders: XXBR2 PA Professionals convey information to government bodies in a concise, efficient and honest manner. This can be done through consultations and answering letters from MPs/MEPs. XXBR2 Political marketing: XXBR2 Many corporate companies are eager to harness the public sector opportunities. Public affairs professionals may be used to highlight the company profile in order to increase the company’s chances of making the government deals. XXBR2 Public Affairs is a nexus outfit between all the other Corporate Communications Departments. Based on the type of organization, their industry and customer base, mostly all client requires a different mix of PR activities to be followed. It is required that a holistic approach based on their needs and particular issues be taken for Public Affairs management. XXBR2 Difference between Public Relations and Public Affairs: XXBR2 Public Relations is a broad umbrella term that encompasses Public Affairs. Without oversimplifying, it can be said that public relations are the strategies employed by private sector to influence public opinion about them. Public affairs’ definition is tending to the issues of public policy making, governmental relations, and civic responsibility. There are any overlapping projects in which public relations and public affairs may blend. As an example, sometimes privately owned corporations have vested interests in governmental regulations and public policies so they may engage lobbyists to run PR campaigns so as to influence public opinion in their favor. XXBR2 XXBR1