Example Product Marketing Mix

Most business owners rely on just one or two ways to get new business. In other words, they have no marketing mix to speak. However, a robust mix of direct response marketing and is essential if you want to succeed in your business insurance.

Due to take the easy way is tempting, it is also a big mistake: You are not only wide to have these cut vital currents (and sometimes occurs, with changes in trends, fashions, technology and evenlaws earth), but you're also leaving huge potential revenue sources, untapped revenue and profits. What more

Your marketing mix is not only have many different marketing channels in your overall marketing strategy – for example, print advertising, email marketing and direct mail – but also on the use of different media within those marketing channels. I will return to this in a second.

What goes in your Marketing Mix

Let us first examine what we might call its real mix of marketing – the variety of media that can be tested.

Most business owners collect and then based on a medium for marketing – and mostly stumble across it almost by accident. Find something that works for them, and figure that's all – marketing is involved everything clean and neat, like.

But this is a very dangerous thought. For example, let's say you are a local electrician and most of their work is obtained from an ad running in one of the local rags. And then, suddenly, the document declares bankruptcy. Or you are out with the owner and he or she will not publish your ads more. Or thyey sell and the new guy does not like his face. Or any other electrician comes along with a better ad and steals away all your answers.

What will you do then?

Well, you're up the creek without a paddle marketing, that's what.

More than that, by focusing on only a marketing channel. You're forgetting the umpty-thousands of people who simply do not read the paper.

Now, let's see effective marketing within the channel.

Some people respond better to written words – as postcards, print ads, and direct mail letters. But we also know that others could better respond to a CD or DVD – spoken words and videos, in other words.

The Ideal Marketing Mix

Ideally your marketing mix will include many channels and methods of getting your marketing message in front of your different chosen market: Direct mail, Internet marketing (natural search, article marketing and Pay Per Click), print advertising, radio, television and the rest of it.

And then within each marketing channel, which must be tested multiple media. For example, if you are trying to direct mail, you may want to send printed cards, audio CDs and DVDs maybe some; If you are using print ads in local media, then you can send readers to your website and test video, audio and, of course, written on pages copy.

The only limitation to the power and effeciveness of its mix of direct response marketing … Is your own imagination.