Marketing Management Course Description

Are you starting out online? are struggling to grow your business online? you don’t have the money for paid advertising and you are looking for ways to get leads, sales and exposure to your site.

First I know where you are coming from that is exactly how I was when I first started always shouting at the screen why isn’t anyone coming to my site? Why am not getting sales?

This might sound a bit crazy but I used to punch myself in the face I’ve had some crazy arguments with myself, I’m betting you have had the same issues or going through this phase now and don’t worry that’s all it is a phase you will break free as long as you don’t quit and follow this 90 day plan in this article.

I should say this before I get to the good stuff STOP asking yourself why this working isn’t and start asking yourself how you can make it work. And stop complaining and arguing with yourself I know you’re doing it ha-ha. Stick at it and never give up there is only one you can fail at anything and that is yeah you guessed it quitting.

Market and grow your business online in 90 days for free Ok so here is the 90 day plan to market and grow your business for free this is time tested and works every time when done correctly.

‘The Free Way to Grow Your Business Online in 90 days’

1. Before you publish anything online or do anything you need to have a target, you need to sit down and think about who are you trying to attract into your business what are you offering and who would be most likely to buy if the offer was in-front of them. If you don’t know who you are targeting

it’s ‘like shooting piss holes in the snow’ loll you will be all over the place loll.

2. Do some research find out what this person is searching for online when they go to Google use Google keyword tool to help you with this? Make a list of the most searched keywords. If you don’t know how to use this go to YouTube there are plenty of tutorial videos there to help you.

3. Next is content what a compelling and informative article 300-500 words long about your business or your offer and explain to the reader exactly how it can benefit them don’t just talk about the product or company and how amazing it is.

Honestly I learnt this the hard way starting I used to spam everywhere and was all over the place telling people how amazing this and that is never really telling people how they can benefit.

Remember this: ‘People are only interested in how they can benefit whatever it is you are selling’ Read this book by Dale Carnegie ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and you will understand how people work including me and you.

4. Next shoot a video using a web-cam, iPhone or some kind of camera and tell quick story about what you product or business never I mean never try and sell them on the video. Invite them to go over to website for more information people love to be invited I don’t you just love it when someone invites you to go somewhere makes you feel special doesn’t it? Does for me.

5. Next you want to upload your video to YouTube (in the education section) and as many other video sites as possible get in contact with me and I can supply you with a list of other video sites.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done videos before just do one a day and don’t try and make it perfect just shoot and talk for a few minutes and post after about 20-30 videos you will be a natural.

Now you want to get people that are viewing your video back to your site so to read your article/blog and see your offer so in the description area you should have a good call to action for example.

It a great idea to copy and paste your article in the description area or sometimes what I do is the first paragraph of the blog tease them into wanting more haha.

6. Next post your video on your blog and get eyes on your blog/articles a big secret to this is get as many eyes on your content as possible. Use article directories, doc sharing sites, pic sharing sites, facebook other social media sites get as much exposure a you can that is the key.

Do this for the next 90 and watch your business grow as I have done.

See I only ever teach something that I am doing and is working for me. I like to lead by example as I have learnt from my mistakes that I made at the start.

Copyright (c) 2013 William Simpson