What Is Included In A Marketing Plan

What is wealthy affiliate? Have you ever heard of it? Up until 2 1/2 a half months ago neither did I. Since I have started Internet marketing I have bought countless Internet books and programs from so-called internet “guru’s” who promised me riches. Most did not deliver any practical information, and any were just flat-out scams! XXBR2 I had seen a couple of ads for Wealthy Affiliate and even took the free tour. After taking a look around a few times I became more and more interested in what this site had to offer. Now, I know you’ve all heard it before but honestly this was too good to be true and I actually mean that. Needless to say I was still a little skeptical. I would hash it over and get any more information about this so-called wealthy affiliate University. XXBR2 After reading a few reviews and articles and a little more thought I finally decided to give it a try. XXBR2 Wow!!! XXBR2 Once I become a wealthy affiliate I was not prepared for what I have found. There are so many excellent resources available with”WA” There is so much information and tools, I thought i would collapse from sensory overload. XXBR2 All the tools, software, and resources that I had looked for all over the Internet the past few years were all right here in one place. And at no extra charge. Can you believe it? All the time and money that I wasted(oh well, you live and you learn.) XXBR2 Well let’s see what makes “WA” different. At first you will be a little overwhelmed at the amount of information that the “WA” University offers. Take your time and follow the steps that they put into place for you. You will be given an 8 week plan to follow, stick to this because this will give you the mindset you will need to succeed. Check out all the tutorials. XXBR2 My legitimate review! If you’re still reading this you probably noticed that I have not said anything negative about “WA”. That’s because I have not found anything negative about it. What I will say is, if you’re going to spend any money on any kind of resources, software, e-books, or mentoring. Which could cost you thousands of dollars. Take a look at “WA”. Honestly it is the best investment I have ever made… Don’t take my word for it though,I’ll let you take a look around and see for yourself. XXBR2 I’ve been a member of “WA” for about 2 1/2 months now and I cannot stress how happy I am about my decision to join. I’m not gonna pull your leg and say that I’m making $500 a day, or I’ve struck it rich. What I will tell you is that after a couple of months I am seeing consistant profits, And I am learning how to make an income as an internet marketer. No matter what the product is… XXBR2 What’s included with your membership… XXBR2 ♦ Wealthy Affiliate forum XXBR2 ♦ Click Bank research tools XXBR2 ♦ Web hosting XXBR2 ♦ Site builder by site Rubix. XXBR2 ♦ Rapid writer content creation tool XXBR2 ♦ One-on-one mentoring — priceless! XXBR2 And so much more. And believe it or not it’s all FREE to all Wealthy Affiliate members. XXBR2 You also get the newly added Nitche Q., the most comprehensive niche research system available anywhere. And guess what, that’s also FREE!!! XXBR2 And don’t forget the famous “WA” forum, there you can get all the direction and advise you can handle. You will not feel intimidated cause’ newbies as well as more experienced marketers offer a hand in helping you succeed. You’ll even get feed back from Kyle and Carson themselves.(the Founders)And they will personally walk you through the fundamentals of internet marketing. XXBR2