Word Of Mouth Advertising

Anyone that is looking at advertising, marketing or any other campaign form to encourage consumers to contact them is interested in the most believable type of advertising. They need the consumer to know that what they’re saying is real and therefore it should be reason enough to bring that person in. The most powerful method to accomplish it is word of mouth. Why? Trust is the single benefit that comes from word of mouth methods of advertising. XXBR2 Also with word of mouth, studies have shown, people simply believe it. Would you trust your friend? Of course! For this reason, any kind of business can benefit from effective word of mouth advertising. How to you accomplish this? XXBR2 You need to encourage your customers that they have something to talk about. XXBR2 So, as an example, any retail chains have used the method of giving the customer any form of coupon for their next visit and tagging on a second one for their friend. This encourages open communication about the company and draws in the second customer. XXBR2 How can you do this? Look at what types of lures you currently use to draw people in and double that for their friends. Everyone benefits, especially you with word of mouth benefits. XXBR2 An Example Of Good Word Of Mouth XXBR2 Pretty much anyone on the web has heard of Gmail, Google’s powerful email accounts. But did you know that very little money was spent in promoting it? XXBR2 In fact, the single type of advertising used was that of word of mouth. XXBR2 If you were lucky enough to get an account, you were given several other accounts to share with those that you wanted to share with. The key here was the fact that unless you were referred by someone, you couldn’t just open a Gmail account. XXBR2 Pure word of mouth advertising was used. XXBR2 In turn, this created a buzz and if you didn’t have a Gmail account, you wanted to have one. XXBR2 Gmail became one of the most in demand accounts to have, with little to no advertising dollars spent on it. XXBR2 The question is, how can you take this example of word of mouth to the extreme and use it in your own business? XXBR2 Can you give away a service? A reward for referrals? Or even just provide superior service to your clients so in turn you can deliver to them enough to talk to create a buzz? XXBR2 Word of mouth, such as Gmail’s example, is powerful and launches small or large businesses into a new world. XXBR2 If you can use this example in your own business, chances are you can achieve the same success. XXBR2